Our selections of high-quality European fabrics have not only been produced with innovative technologies to ensure easy cleaning and high durability, it also exceeds American Hospitality standards. Each fabric is matched with the product design to enhance its beauty and functionality. High thread count and double stitching help prevent the cloth from unraveling with natural wear and tear. All fabrics are abrasion resistant, char resistant, and are easily spot-cleaned.


Evora is a soft, velvety fabric that’s pleasant to the touch. It’s equally as durable as it is sophisticated, thriving through both pillow fort playtime and a chic cocktail party. From cream to bold jewel-tones, Evora offers an array of design opportunities for your home.

Cleaning code S/W


Marin is a breathable fabric with an extremely soft hand feel. Speckles of color variation add a layer of depth which is beautifully refined and create a cozy look and feel. Subtle and sophisticated color selections can be dressed up or down to fit your personal vibe.

Cleaning code S/W


Porto is a tightly woven, easy to clean fabric that resists even the most stubborn stains from kids, pets, even taco Tuesday. Color selections specifically curated for the neutral-loving minimalist in you.

Cleaning code W


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